” Loving Care “

For nearly 18 years I have relied on the Thomas Tire shop in Aberdeen and have been highly satisfied every visit. Over those 18 years they made it possible, by their “loving care”, for me to drive a 1997 Lexus for 10 years and for over 166,000 miles, and now are providing that same care to my current 2005 Lexus which has only 145,000 miles! In the meantime they have also provided maintenance on my wife’s cars.

Thomas Tire has a very good reputation in this community. It is a small enough community that word of mouth is the best advertisement. Your shop here is highly regarded.

Recently, front brake pads were installed on my wife’s car. The pads were defective, and with no hassle, Jerry Troyer immediately corrected the situation. I didn’t realize, until this situation arose, how truly efficient he is.

What a great new manager you have!! Over a couple of visits I have also witnessed the professional way he treats both customers and staff.

Jerry is a great guy, a great manager, and I won’t have to worry about good maintenance on my vehicles for the next 18 years!